Let Us In. . . .the fight against breast cancer

A Tribute to Linda McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney gives his blessing to the “Tribute to Linda” charity album being produced by The Women and Cancer Fund Inc. and hopes that it is a great success in raising funds for the charity. – MPL

Campaign Overview

Reviver Music has the singular goal of delivering a social action agenda through the music of Sir Paul McCartney.

Through live concerts, audio and video recordings, and merchandising, Reviver will support The Women and Cancer Fund, a not-for-profit charity led by Dr. Alicia Alvarez. Sir Paul McCartney has given the charity his “wholehearted blessing” to bring awareness to women’s cancers and raise much needed funds in the memory of Linda McCartney. The Women and Cancer Fund has granted Reviver Music exclusive rights to the “Let Us In” campaign to channel awareness and funds to the charity.

Reviver Music offers a unique combination of veteran industry leadership, access to one of the most recognized catalogs in the music industry, broad marketing partnerships and a business model that delivers unique, increased exposure for current and emergent artists.

The Company’s executive team consists of David Ross, Chief Executive Officer, a former executive at RCA/BMG and Sire Records; Dennis D’Amico, Executive Producer; George W. Dassinger, Public Relations/Media Marketing; and Mike Boyle, Webmaster/Social Media Manager.

Reviver Records’ mediagenic, industry veteran leadership delivers more than 60 combined years of experience in the music and entertainment industry.