Author: Amber Wheeler

Symptoms of breast cancer in women

Although the symptoms of breast cancer in women are similar to those experienced by men, the symptoms can be quite different and the course of treatment may be very different as well. While it is difficult to detect early symptoms of cancer in women, a yearly exam by a medical professional will help detect any possible issues with your health that need to be addressed. The following is an outline of some of the symptoms to look for.

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Symptoms of lung cancer in women

Symptoms of lung cancer in women are often not detected early because most symptoms are also common to other illnesses. The symptoms of lung cancer in women can be attributed to a number of different conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Many symptoms of lung cancer in women are the result of infections that are acting up in the lungs. These infections will cause many other symptoms of cancer to manifest.

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Symptoms of colon cancer in women

Colon cancer is a disease that kills thousands of people each year, yet few people really understand symptoms of colon cancer in women. The symptoms can be mild or severe, and either way they should never be ignored. These symptoms are vital indicators as to whether or not you have a problem in your colon, and you should never ignore them no matter how bad the symptoms seem. Colon cancer is made much worse by ignoring symptoms, so it is critical that you take action when you see one so that you can prevent yourself from suffering any further.

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